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Me? Well, I'm Gary. Gary Kilgore. Call me Garebear. I love everyone and everything. Bring a bowl of laughter and we'll quickly become friends. That's about it, really. :)
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"hahah thems the rules kiss my ass nerds"

im sorry for making all of these comics one after the other i’m gonna make one more and have a break i swear lmao

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26th August 3:56 PM 26th August 3:56 PM


cute names for ur girlfriend

  • tits
  • a fish
  • a fish with tits
  • titty fish
  • buzz tityear

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DM: “The orb of light begins to escape”
Ranger: “I roll to seduce it”
Ranger: *Rolls 20*
DM: *Sighs heavily*

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26th August 3:54 PM



are you from tennessee? because you’re the only


Like a pun within a pun.. it physically hurts

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cephaloportals is the best thing to ever happen too me. That’s all that needs to be said.

21st August 9:31 PM
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